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Selected grants in the area of Public Media & Journalism: 
AIRProgram support$250,000$250,000
AIRSupport for the New Enterprise Fund and the Localore project$100,000$175,000
American Documentary Inc. (POV)Support for POV's "Behind the Lens" program$75,000 
American University / CurrentProgram support for Current newspaper and Current.org$235,000$193,165
American University / CurrentStrategic planning support for Current newspaper and Current.org$117,000$226,000
American University / CMSIProgram support for the Center for Media & Social Impact$90,000$160,000
American University / IRWProgram support for the Investigative Reporting Workshop$75,000 
BRITDOC Inc.Support for BRITDOC's Good Pitch program $150,000
Center for Public IntegrityProgram support$120,000$200,000
Center for Public IntegritySupport for CPI's "State Integrity Project"$80,000$80,000
The City University of New YorkProject support for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism$15,000 
Community Foundation of New JerseyProgram support for NJ Spotlight$50,000$50,000
Community Foundation of New JerseySupport for the NJ Public Media Forums$18,000 
Center for Digital DemocracyProgram support$10,000$20,000
Center for Investigative ReportingProgram support$125,000$125,000
Developing Radio PartnersProgram support$100,000$100,000
The Eisenhower Project Inc.Support for civic engagement work with the documentary film "The House I Live In" by Eugene Jarecki$150,000 
Ethno Pictures NFPSupport for civic engagement work with the documentary film "Veterans of Color" produced by Bernard C. Watson, PhD $36,000
The Flaherty / International Film Seminars, Inc.Travel support for six Philadelphia-based fellows to attend the 2014 Flaherty Film Seminar $16,000
Greater Philadelphia Film OfficeProgram support$100,000$200,000
Greater Philadelphia Film OfficeSupport for the Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers program$50,000$50,000
Hartley Film Foundation, Inc.Support for civic engagement work with the documentary film "The New Black" by Yoruba Richen $15,000
Independence Public Media of PhiladelphiaProgram support$200,000$150,000
Independence Public Media of PhiladelphiaEquipment and moving costs$50,000$107,925
International Documentary AssociationProduction support for the documentary film "If You Build It" by Patrick Creadon$200,000 
ITVSSupport for ITVS's "Global Perspectives Project"$250,000 
ITVSSupport for ITVS's new civic engagement model, "The Last Mile"$50,000$300,000
KCET Community Television of Southern CaliforniaSupport for civic engagement work around the documentary film "The Power of Two" by Marc Smolowitz$50,000 
KCETLinkSupport for the Mosaic program$200,000$150,000
Kimmel Center, Inc.Support for two special screenings of the documentary film "Veterans of Color" produced by Bernard C. Watson, PhD$67,350 
Kimmel Center, Inc.For digital film screening facilities$500,000$200,000
Media Impact FundersProgram support$50,000$150,000
Media Impact FundersProject support for website development$50,000 
Media Mobilizing ProjectProgram support$20,000 
MUSE Film and TelevisionFor research on trends in public media$33,000$30,000
National Alliance for Media Arts and CultureSupport for NAMAC's national and regional convenings$50,000$50,000
New York Public RadioSupport for NJ Public Radio News$200,000$225,000
NPR/NPR MusicSupport for NPR Music's "Jazz Night in America" program, in collaboration with WGBO Newark Public Radio $150,000
OMG Center for Collaborative LearningSupport for the Public Media Futures Forums $264,825
Penn Praxis, Inc.Program support $160,000
Philadelphia Film SocietyProgram support$180,000$80,000
Philadelphia Independent Film & Video AssociationSupport for the "Finishing Funds Grant Program"$50,000$40,000
Prometheus Radio ProjectProgram support$25,000$25,000
PRX IncorporatedStrategic planning support$25,000 
Public Radio Capital - Public Media CompanySupport for Channel X / Radio X initiatives$375,000$200,000
Resolution Inc. / California NewsreelSupport for civic engagement work with the documentary film "Traces of the Trade" by Katrina Browne$50,000 
Scribe Video Center, Inc.Program support$75,000$75,000
Tavis Smiley Foundation / Tavis Smiley ReportsSupport for national outreach for "Too Important to Fail Part II: Education Under Arrest," aired on PBS$50,000 
Temple UniversityTravel support for area public interest journalists to attend professional conferences$179,656 
University of California, Berkeley - Investigative Reporting ProgramProgram support$125,000$125,000
Washington DC International Film FestivalSupport for the "Deepening the Impact of Social Issue Films" program$33,000$35,000
WBGO Newark Public RadioSupport for the "Jazz Night in America" program, in collaboration with NPR Music $150,000
WGBH Education Foundation / FrontlineSupport for development of a Collaboration Desk, focusing on partnerships with other media content producers and distributors $500,000
Women Make Movies, Inc. / BRITDOC, Inc.Program support$100,000$50,000
Working Films, Inc.Program support$100,000$50,000
WXPN$95,000 towards "Sense of Place and Latin Roots"; $15,000 towards Jazz/Hip-Hop/World Music coverage on "The Key"; and $28,000 to support a marketing campaign for the "Zydeco Crossroads" project $138,000
ZeroDivide / Renaissance JournalismProgram support$50,000$50,000
Link to the 2014 Wyncote-commissioned report and accompanying website:Like, Link, Share: How cultural institutions are embracing digital technology